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My fi and i are inviting approximately 150 people to our wedding. Im not sure what i was expecting when i googled how many cups should i buy for a wedding reception but it certainly wasnt what i got.

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We are not able to use the churchs coffee percolators so i have considered renting some.

How many cups for wedding reception. Fortunately many new websites and smartphone apps can help. Some wedding forums recommended as many as three to four cups per person while others suggested that guests would need a new cup every hour on average. Running out of beer for thirsty guests or napkins for messy eaters can be embarrassing.

A handful 5 8 or so are underage but most of the guests are 21. We have to either rent or buy our wine and water glasses as they are not provided by the venue or caterer. Do you have any idea how to estimate how much coffee to make for a guest list of about 175 since all of them will not necessarily drink coffee.

With all of the choices there are to make when planning a wedding shower or birthday celebration the most difficult decision is often the beverage menu. You also want to be prepared for any kind of emergency that happens on your wedding day. I was most impressed by the price.

Stacee arnold pa. They were of good quality and the printing held up pretty good after 7 days in the pool. I recommend them every chance i get.

However you cant assume someone wont throw the cup away and need a new one their next trip to the bar. Do you have any ideas how to prepare the coffee for that many people. How many wine glasses do you think i will need for 150 people.

Wedding tips wedding math. Our plastic personalized cups are reusable and can double as custom wedding favors for guests to take home. The actual amount of cups youll need is a little tricky.

So many people wanted to know where we got our cups from. I want to have a dessert and coffee bar at my wedding reception. Choose from customized wedding cups and can coolers with special styles.

Posted on february 9 2017. One of the hardest parts of planning a wedding reception is calculating how much of everything youll need. How much to buy.

Besides guessing what types of beverages guests will drink you must also predict how much your guests will drink and how many cups you will need. How many cups and beverages per guest. My wedding reception ideas has so many awesome wedding accessories at unbelievable prices.

Planning a wedding involves hundreds of decisions from calculating how much liquor to buy to figuring out how much space and how many servers you need for your reception. What you are serving will also affect the number of cups you need. This is a good timeframe as its not too advanced that so many changes should be anticipated but also not so near as to have time to prepare the right materials like the number of glasses at wedding reception and so on.

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